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Making a Will: What's the Big Deal?

When I sit down with a client to review their overall financial health, I almost always ask if they have a will in place.

My Type A's typically do, but the majority of others don't.

Overwhelmingly, the reasons clients give for not having a will are:

  1. It's not that important
  2. I don't want to think about dying

There's not much I can do about the second reason, but maybe I can help with number one.

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Sarah Around Town

When the pandemic came, a lot changed. For me, part of that change was no more social tango.

As we return to something approaching "normal", I have returned to the warm embrace of Houston's small but welcoming tango community.

When you think of tango, you may think of a hot, steamy dancefloor crowded with couples sharing close embraces. When I think if tango I think of the elegance of the tango waltz, the boisterous fun of the milonga, and the graceful sensuality of salon tango.

My favorite tango tradition is the Birthday Dance. When someone has a birthday and the community is gathered for an evening of dancing; the birthday boy or girl gets to dance with each member of the community in turn. My 2019 birthday dance was beautiful and I'm so excited for my 2022 birthday dance.

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